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22 Melodic Trap, Hip Hop, Afro-Beat Instrumentals, PDF Contract, No Excuses Vol. 1 (How To Make A Mixtape Cover In 3 Steps), 50% Coupon For Any Unlimited Lease At

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The Movement

What Is The Elomuse Society?

A Movement of power & Creativity!

The Elomuse Society is an elite producer movement/community with resources that boost and benefit the career of the up and coming creative! It includes 3 levels of value! From professional high quality FREE INSTRUMENTALS (Exclusives and Non-Exclusives) to FREE SONG DISTRIBUTION on "ALL" major streams, PIANO LESSONS, PROFESSIONAL SONG CRITIQUES, MUSIC BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS, E-BOOKS, MUSIC BUSINESS SECRETS, MIXING/MASTERING, ROYALTY TRACKING, "EXTREME DISCOUNTS" you can't find anywhere else, MUSIC MARKETING and MORE +++

Our Producers Have Worked With

How Does This Benefit Me?

A Breathtaking Offer!

You, the artist, play a significant role in this movement! Once you become a family member by subscribing, you'll be given a discount code for the month (every month) and have 100% access to all instrumentals for your singles, EP's, mixtapes, and albums. You will be able to download and record over whatever beat that is fit for your style of music (Melodic Trap, HipHop, R&B, Pop, etc). When finished recording, your song will be critiqued, mixed, mastered, and distribution ready for all streaming services. All distributed songs will be tracked with content ID protection to avoid mishaps on royalties. All additional BONUSES such as courses, consultations, and music licensing will be available to you to BOOST CREATIVITY AND INCREASE PROFIT WITHIN 60 DAYS!

The Elomuse Society Is For You If You:

Get Ready!!

  • Are A Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur, etc.
  • Are brand new or an experienced Music Artist in the Industry
  • Need to Boost Creativity 150% w/ no experience
  • Need to increase profit within 60 days
  • Need to sell your music with High Quality Sound
  • Need a System that generates a plan, rare content, and income
  • Are looking to become a social authority and truly be independent
  • Are looking to unlock Music Business secrets without guessing and separate yourself from the majority
  • Are looking to make your money work for you with YOUR MUSIC!


Let's face it! The majority of artists, producers, and creatives are not satisfied with the results they have when it comes to their music. They're still at a job they hate and spamming everyone they meet on Instagram hoping one of their songs or beats blow up one day. Let's reveal three reasons why. One....Their creativity is limited! Two.....They don't know the business side! And three.... They don't have the mentality of an entrepreneur! It's that simple! Let's be honest. You believe you have to have "clout," "100,000 followers," "A million likes and comments," "become famous," and other ridiculous clichés that are not real to receive income through your music. When in reality, all you have to do is know and apply what the majority is lacking which is those three concepts we just mentioned.

The Elomuse Society has intensive trainings, products, and resources combined with thousands of hours of practical research, years of experience in the industry, and the coaching power of an Elomuse Society Expert rolled into three simple levels.

General Family Member

General Family Member

Common Music Artist

Maybe you're a serious Music Artist but on a serious budget. We understand how tough it can be balancing a job, maybe school, and probably even a family. Therefore, we've made it easy for you to manage your funds while pursuing not only what you love to do, but what you love to be!

What You Will Learn:

Secrets on how to master the basics of the piano using our P.O.W.E.R method w/ no prior experience (Bonus)

Secrets on how to master artistic/creative control 

How to influence the industry with your music 

How to break the myth of the work-life balance (Bonus)

Your Benefits:

1 FREE Beat (Basic Lease) (Monthly) ($30.00 Value)

FREE Website For 6 Months ($99.78 Value)

15% Off All Additional Purchases From Beat Store 

15% Off All Mixing And Mastering Orders ($95.00 Value)

15% Off Song Critiques ($34.99 Value)

15% Off Music Business Skype Consultation (30 Minutes) (59.99 Value)

Access to our Life Changing Beginner Piano Course For Artists & Producers (Lessons 1 & 2) ($190.00 Value)

Access to Industry Secrets & Opportunities ($250.00 Value)

Access to Music Artist Independency System (Level 1) ($150.00)

Access to Music Industry Mindset Blueprint ($200.00 Value)

Access to The Elomuse Society Community (Bonus)

Premium Family Member 

Established Music Artist 

Ever heard of one foot in, one foot out? Well, this is the perfect membership for you if you're starting to get the ball rolling with your journey as a Music Artist. If you know you have the potential to be a professional, but you still want to play it safe? Then this is best for you!

What You Will Learn:

The Fundamentals everyone should know in the Music Industry

Secrets on how to give away your music for free w/o losing out on anything

Secrets of engaging fans/customers vs spamming

How to master networking

How to break free from the "NO PLAN" myth (Bonus)

The Music Business of Social Media

How to manage all resources effectively

Your Benefits:

All General Family Benefits ($1,009.98 Value)

1 FREE Beat (Unlimited Lease) (Monthly) ($200.00 Value)

FREE Website For 6 Months ($99.78 Value)‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

20% Off All Additional Purchases From Beat Store

40% Off All Mixing And Mastering Orders ($95.00 Value)

50% Off Song Critiques ($24.99 Value)

50% Off Music Business Skype Consultation (30 Minutes) ($59.99 Value)

Access to our Life Changing Beginner Piano Course For Artists & Producers (Lessons 3 - 6) (FREE Bonus) ($310.00 Value)

Access to Industry Secrets & Opportunities ($250.00 Value)

Access to Music Artist Independency System (Level 2) ($150.00 Value)

Access to The Creative Process Blueprint ($50.00 Value)

Access to The Elomuse Society Community (Bonus)

Exclusive Family Member  

Professional Music Artist  

A comedian named Steve Harvey once said "you have to jump first then the parachute will somehow appear." This, my friend, is who you are. You're the person that says; no matter how much it takes, and no matter how I'm going to do it, I am a Music Artist and I will reveal the greatness in me to the world by any means through all my work! If you truly believe you're this person, then this membership will help you boost creativity, increase your income, and reach your ultimate destination.

What You Will Learn:  

How to dominate social media and gain real fans/customers 

How to sell your music from anywhere and gain true freedom and independence 

How to never depend on a major label ever again with these marketing secrets

How to dominate the market with you're music

How to attract anyone to any event you host

How to truly boost creativity and boost income within 60 days (Bonus)

Your Benefits: 

All Previous Member Benefits ($2,149.96 Value)

‚ÄčUnlimited FREE Beats (All Leases) (Monthly) ($20,000.00 Value)

‚ÄčFREE "Exclusive" Beat You Can't Find Anywhere Else (Monthly)¬†($800.00 Value)

FREE Website For 6 Months ($99.78 Value)

‚Äč65% Off All Mixing And Mastering Orders ($95.00 Value)

‚ÄčFree Song Critiques And Potential Major Streaming (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.) ($44.98 Value)

‚Äč1 Free Music Business Skype Consultation (30 Minutes) (Monthly) ($59.99 Value)

Access to our Life Changing Beginner Piano Course For Artists & Producers (All Lessons and LIVE COACHING) ($2000.00 Value)

Access to Music Marketing Mastery System ($65.00 Value)

Access to The Music Licensing Blueprint ($65.00 Value)

Access to Social Media Mastermind System ($65.00 Value)

Access to Music Industry Contacts & E-Books ($1,800 Value)

Access 13,000+ expert-led courses ($359.88)

Access to The Elomuse Society Community (Bonus)

There's no reason anyone should be broke! Make it happen with no excuses!”

— Shakim of Elomuse

Enter now and have access at your convenience. You'll receive your FREE beats and courses in a easy to use platform, along with our bonus downloads, and access to the private accountability community. We know your life is busy so we designed this program to work within your schedule and get you results FAST!

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Our fellow partners and associates are highly upset with us because of the extreme value we're willing to give you. We know this offer seems unbearable and your wondering why we would want to give this much value. Here's some reasons why:

1. We understand that buying HIGH QUALITY beat leases and exclusives can be expensive and want you to get rid of all excuses when it comes to pursuit of your true passion which is music. 

2. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and the freedom it gives

3. We believe that every creative deserves a chance to break free from the rat race of the industry

4. We believe that every person is born to be in business and that they have a unique gift to offer to the world that people will pay for. This in turn will help you sustain your family, music, and most importantly, your purpose in life.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription, our support team will handle that for you. You have a 30 day money back guarantee.