Custom Beats

Custom Beats

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Tailored Sound Just For You

If you want a beat that, 

Nobody ever leased before 
Nobody ever heard before 
Nobody else will ever have 

Then custom beats are for you! 

Depending on your vision for a song we will tailor a production around your requests completely from scratch. If you want a sample incorporated, we can do that too! Clearing the sample is required by the artist prior to distribution. 

Please fill out the form and be as specific as possible about how you want the beat to sound like. Look forward to working with you!

Elomuse offers custom-made and exclusive beats for artists or brands. Custom beats are unique and only for artists/brands who desire to have an instrumental which no one else has purchased or even listened to before. Prices and turnaround times for custom beats will depend on the size and complexity of the project. We will always attempt to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible and at an affordable rate for everyone. Elomuse does  require a 50 % deposit to begin working on  your custom beats, the remainder is paid when all modifications are made and the final project is complete! Custom Beats are only available to you with Exclusive Rights valid worldwide, and they will not be published online! 
So if you didn’t exactly find what you were looking for in the Beat Store section, a beat you like is already sold, or if you need an exclusive beat that no one has heard or used before, you’re in the right spot!


Here's the Process of How We Make Our Custom Beats!

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering

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Get the professional sound you need!

We know that being a jack of all trades "REALLY MEANS" you are the master of none, therefore, we want you to focus on your gift and your gift only. We know that your time is precious and being an artist or brand, you should spend most of time sharpening your skills, not doing someone else's job. Now a days, there are phenomenal amounts of tracks in the music industry and the only way to stand out is to have a professional studio/radio ready quality sound that dominates every other track around it. For your success, we want you to get out of the rat race and have an impact on all records labels, managers, A&R's, co-artists, and other industry aspects that want to hear a high quality sound. 

​Note: Once your track is mix and mastered, it will have the potential to be automatically streamed on all major steams through Elomuse. 

​Here's an Example of How Your Music Would Look on Streaming

Affiliated Instrumental - Produced By Elomuse on Apple Music

Affiliated is a Hip Hop/Rap instrumental with a reggae bounce you can vibe to. Listen to songs from the album Affiliated Instrumental - Single, including "Affiliated Instrumental". Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

What Is Mixing?

Mixing is combining individual tracks to make a even high quality sound. The task includes balancing levels of the tracks, fine-tuning the sounds of each instrument or voice, panning tracks between speakers and adding effects to enhance the mix. Also, it includes focused editing, vocal cutting, fading, removing clicks, pops, and sharp sounds, aligning back ups perfectly in time with the main vocals.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is turning combined individual tracks into a finished distribution ready product. Shaping, folding, and molding the final mix to be at its best. The task includes dynamic range control, master EQ, master editing, UPC/EAN codes, and CD text.

It's Easy!

Just Follow These Simple Directions

  1. Pick one of the packages above and select the purchase button  ?
  2.  Type in the number of tracks you want to buy and pay through our secured PayPal server.
  3. We will contact you, therefore, you can send your beat and/or vocal tracks through email. We prefer your tracks to be in 24-bit WAV format and labeled (e.g. Intro, Verse 1, Hook). It is important that you start your track at 0:00 and make sure the master volume is lowered -6 db for the best quality.

  4. You will receive your mixed and mastered tracks through email within 2 business days or more depending on the complexity of the project.

? Check Out Our Before & After Samples ?

(Wear Headphones For The Best Experience)

Our Packages

At a reasonable price just for you!


 Music Business Consultations  

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We want to know who you are as an Artist/Producer/Brand

Let us know your goals, plans, and desires and we'll gladly assist you with the tools you need to be a success with what you are pursuing.

What is a consultation? 

First, you'll have to think of what you want out of the consultation. From music business plans, Artist website help, customized beat meetings, collaboration sessions, business partner negotiations, promotional tools advice, to even mentorship, etc. It's really up to you as an Artist/Brand. Remember, in the music industry, you're not running a business, YOU ARE THE BUSINESS!!

How does it work?

 A consultation could be a meeting, talk, discussion, interview, negotiation, session, or an appointment regarding your music. Basically, it's whatever you want it to be! We are gladly willing to exchange our time for your well being when it comes to your success in the music industry. Remember, we're here to put your music first!

How do I book a consultation?

To book an Elomuse Music Business Consultation, we will set up a one on one meeting with you and one of our experts you get to choose from.  
Next, you'll set the time and date available to you from the expert chosen 
Then you'll simply create a new account with your name, email, and password. 
After this, you'll just have to confirm everything and there you have it, a booked consultation!

What do I receive?

During your one on one consultation, you will be asked various questions in regards to you as an Artist/Brand. These questions will allow us to gain insight on your current knowledge of the music industry. Thus allowing Elomuse to better assist you with your goals. 
At the mid point of your consultation, we will allow time for you the client to ask any necessary questions. 
We will send you the review of your consultation and resources to help you with your journey as a powerful Music Artist or Brand within 3 business days . 
With your permission, 60 minute In-Person consultations will be recorded for your exposure and promotional purposes by our affiliated expert videographer at


Once Time Has Ended For Consultation, Another Purchase Has To Be Made For An Additional 30 Or 60 Minutes.

Thank You For Your Cooperation And Thank You For Choosing Us!!


Song Critiques

Professional Recorded Song Critiques

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Not sure if your song is ready for the public? DON'T BE ALARMED!

Let us help you make sure your song is ready lyrically, mix and mastered correctly, and secure enough for demos, mixtapes, albums, placements, etc.

We Understand....

That everyone has the drive to successfully reach millions with their gift of music, but sometimes that drive isn't enough when it comes to radio play, placements, or even streaming. Therefore, we put our best foot forward to make sure your song is polished, perfected, and secure for any platform.

Here's what you'll receive for your song Critique:

  • Critiques from 4 views: The Listener, The Engineer, The Songwriter, and The Producer. 
  • Song Context 
  • Hook, Verse, Bridge, Drops, Intro, and Outro 
  • Vocal and Instrument Leveling 
  • Quality of Instruments and Vocals 
  • Lyrics 
  • Melody 
  • BPM 
  • Story Line