Elomuse Beginner Piano Course

Want to learn how to play the piano fast without spending $1000's of dollars? 

With NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, our fast and easy explained courses will give you the basic knowledge on how to play the piano LIKE A PRO!

Universities are over charging for a course like this one. Here at Elomuse.com, we've made it simple and easy for you with this easy beginner piano course for Music Artists, Producers, and regular people like yourself. 

This course will include the following: 

  • Foundation of Scales 
  • Reading Sheet Music 
  • Finger Positioning 
  • Creating Your Own Compositions 
  • Brief Music Theory 
  • 25+ Mins of Short and Easy Explained Videos 
  • Synthesia, Midi, and Videos of Student Playing 
  • Weekly Intimate "Live Coaching" For Your Success 


Note: This is not a music theory course, but will definitely help with it.

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