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Elomuse originates from two unique terms which are muse and El. We all love "music" but where does this word come from? It comes from the powerful Greek word muse which means "to make think" or "controlled thoughts." On the other hand, El is a heavy Hebrew word which means "might, strength, and power."  Elomuse was created to make you think creatively while inspiring the world with your gift as an artist.

Who Is Elomuse

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About us  

Established in 2017, Elomuse is a place where music is truly appreciated, expressed, fostered and served to YOU. From start to finish we strive to provide the best for you and your craft. From downloads to leasing, syncs, and exclusives, Elomuse is driven by YOU! Assisting  with all your musical needs from artist to producer, branding  or commercial use. Elomuse is here with fresh resources to better the media industry. We believe that every person is born with a purpose and that you should operate in it without hesitation. Through music we will feed your mind with creativity and valuable knowledge to help you succeed by serving your gift to the world.  

​Elomuse believes in quality and the pursuit of perfection every time! From production to mixing, and top of the line client interaction we strive to keep our standards no less than the best. We will be with you from start to finish putting your music first each step of the way  whether it's your first demo, first mainstream hit, video, corporate event, advertisements/TV, or film production. For further information feel free to Contact Us! Remember, we're here for YOU!!  

Our mission  

At Elomuse we have made it our mission to provide you, the listeners, fans and clients, with nothing less than the best beats online. More than that, we strive to provide your music related needs including: Mixing & Mastering ServicesCustom Beats, and Music Resources.  
Whether you are an independent artist, record executive, marketing director, TV producer, etc., we would like to invite you to join our rapidly growing community network and count yourself among the family of Elomuse!

Who We Trust

Shakim of Elomuse | Producer | Elomuse.com

Meet Shakim....

Chief Executive Officer | Music Producer | Artist | Agent of Change

I've been making beats for a while (over 10 years) and I have a strong love for Hip Hop, Orchestral, Melodic Trap, Pop, and Classical beats. I've learned from the best, therefore I do my best and apply my knowledge based skills into every beat/instrumental. The one thing I've recently discovered about myself is I often say "fulfill your purpose!" I understand that everyone wants to do any and everything that comes across their path, but your life's purpose is the most important and usually that entails one or two things that you're extremely good at and have mastered. I say this because as an artist or producer, we feel as if we have to master every area of the music industry. This includes things like graphic design, singing, rapping, producing, promoting, web design, etc. This is a false reality because the more you focus on these distractions, the more time you're taking away from your true destiny, which is your craft. When you hear names like Tiger Woods, Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, you will only think of ONE thing about them and that one thing whatever they have mastered. The more they invested into their gift, the more resources came which ultimately helped them become a success to society. Growing up in the City Beautiful aka Orlando, FL, I've witnessed a tragic side which is a purposeless culture when it comes to the music culture. People subconsciously look down on a person who is a rapper, singer, or a producer, and say things like "there's no future" or "he/she won't make that much money." I call these type of folks DREAM KILLERS who cause people to turn away from their purpose and turn to preoccupations such as a "9 to 5" or "the streets." Dedicating my life to the next generations of music, I had to stop running from my purpose and began to learn how to play on the keys (and still learning), at the same time began the birth of http://www.elomuse.com/ to show everyone that they could fulfill their purpose on this Earth. To finish things off, I'm here for you and will do my best to help you serve your gift to the world.

The Platinum Circle | Elomuse.com

The Platinum Circle

Top Worldwide Beatmakers

A team of top worldwide high achievers in the music industry including renowned beatmakers, multi-platinum producers, A&R representatives, record label owners and industry contacts led by multi-platinum producer Anno Domini. Platinum Circle productions stand for quality and artistry, with an industry-leading sound that will make your music shine.

Fiverr Pro | Elomuse.com

Fiverr Pro

Top Quality Verified Professionals

Exceptional talent, hand-vetted for stellar quality and service. A combination of world-renown producers & composers, world-class session musicians, mixing & mastering engineers, voice over artists, graphic designers, digital marketers, writers, translators, video & animators, and tech & programmers.

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