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Here's 2 secrets... 

  1. Less than 5% of Independent Artists ever successfully accomplish their dream of making music full-time while the rest are struggling playing the guessing game and waiting for their so-called "BIG BREAK." 
  2. People don't take you seriously when doing business with you because you don't have a clear strategy on what you need to do next when it comes to your music. 

Let me explain: We all have 24 hours in a day but what separates the successful and productive Music Artists who increase their revenue year after year and those who struggle year after year and end up exactly where they began? 

The answer is that the successful Music Artists have a Master Plan with broken down goals and a system to accomplish those goals.

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  • You will continue to play the guessing game, posting tirelessly on social media and spamming your music to everyone's DM, getting you NO REAL RESULTS! 
  • You will continue to fake it by BUYING FAKE LIKES, COMMENTS, FOLLOWERS, STREAMS, VIEWS, ETC!
  • Other Artists, Brands, & Companies will continue to NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!
  • You might as well work a 9-5 job and not be an entrepreneur (if you're a Music Artist, YOU ARE A BUSINESS)
  • You won't have true FREEDOM with your music and you will have to worry about how you will pay all the bills because you have no predictable income.
  • You won't have a steady flow of new fans coming in the door every day and you will Struggle to get new fans 
  • You won’t have a system to monetize your existing followers and eventually lose the fans you already have 
  • You will not make the impact you desire with your music 
  • You will hold yourself back and continue to think like this 👇🏿 
    • "I need a label to succeed" 
    • "Independent Artists can’t make money" 
    • "You need to tour in order to be successful" 
    • "I’m too old/fat/ugly/fill-in-the-blank to become a success with my music"
    • "All you need is good music"

The big question on your mind can I how do I truly become an Independent Music Artist, how do I get total control of my music, how do I actually get paid, and how do I brand myself not just an Artist, but also as a business so people would take me seriously??

Many Music Artists come to me frustrated, exhausted, and on the verge of quitting because of the wrong information leading to nothing but dead ends...

We've spent thousands of dollars and years of dedication on research, working with groups of multi-platinum creatives, and coaching programs to get out of the world of "GUESSING" and into the world of "KNOWING" when it comes to the business side of music.



A team of top worldwide high achievers in the music industry including renowned beatmakers, multi-platinum producers, A&R representatives, record label owners and industry contacts led by multi-platinum producer Anno Domini. Platinum Circle productions stand for quality and artistry, with an industry-leading sound that will make your music shine.



Exceptional talent, hand-vetted for stellar quality and service. A combination of world-renown producers & composers, world-class session musicians, mixing & mastering engineers, voice over artists, graphic designers, digital marketers, writers, translators, video & animators, and tech & programmers.